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At the moment, this website is not totally available in English. Why?

We have developed skills to write texts of all kinds in the German language – and are quite busy with clients around. We are sure you'd prefer natives to write in English. Anyway, we decided to give you a short overview of our business with this page.

In case you are interested to find out more about us, please don't hesitate to contact us or just try reading the German texts underlying the navigation on the left.

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Where Words Will Walk

25 years Body Shop for Words: TOPTEXT.

Richard Tigges TOPTEXTA winter's day more than twoand a half decades ago: founder and General Manager Richard Tigges fathers the agency TOPTEXT on his 21st birthday, 8 Dezember 1988.

The radio commercial agency from the beginning then turned into a broacdcast production company for TV magazine shows and promotional films for the industry. Today, TOPTEXT is a consulting firm with eight associates focusing on the three areas Coaching, Press Relations and Ghostwriting.

The list of credentials of TOPTEXT:

ADAC (German Automotive Association)
Bavarian Government (Inward Investment activities)
BMW Group (automotive)
Bruce Dunlop & Associates (TV design)
CAM Systems (IT)
CARE Technologies (IT)
Deutsche Telekom (Germany's largest telecommunications operator)
Dimensions India (IT)
Hailo (whiteware)
integranova (IT)
Kabel Deutschland (Germany's largest cable TV operator)
Leifheit (whiteware)
Park Hotel Bremen (five-star luxury hotel)
Sony Pictures Entertainment (TV)
The TECH Museum San José, Kalifornien (high-tech museum)
thema gestaltung (design)
usb (IT)
ZEPPELIN (construction industry)